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Why Don’t More Men Ask For Alimony? Joe Cordell Answers In Huffington Post Column

logo-huffington-postAn alimony case in Nebraska successfully argued by a Cordell & Cordell attorney that the law had to be gender blind should serve as a wake-up call to men that asking for alimony should not be shameful or undignified, Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joseph Cordell writes in his most recent Huffington Post divorce column.

In “Why Don’t More Men Ask For Alimony?”, Mr. Cordell argues part of the problem with only 3 percent of men receiving alimony is that guys refuse to ask for it.

“Our attorneys have found guys believe asking for alimony is perceived as a sign of weakness, further emasculating them in a relationship that was already lopsided and broken,” Mr. Cordell writes. “If the roles were reversed, the wife would ask for alimony and not blink an eye at an award.”

But if guys are too afraid, embarrassed, or ashamed to petition for spousal support then do not be surprised if that “97 percent of alimony payers are men” figure remains that lopsided in the coming years.

Read Mr. Cordell’s full Huffington Post column, “Why Don’t More Men Ask For Alimony?”

Male Client Receives Alimony; Cordell & Cordell Attorney Successfully Defends Appeal

Cordell & Cordell Attorney Jamie KinkaidBy arguing the law had to be gender blind, Cordell & Cordell Omaha divorce lawyer Jamie Kinkaid successfully defended an appeal allowing her male client to receive an alimony award.

The Nebraska Court of Appeals ruled the lower court was reasonable in awarding alimony to the husband, Ms. Kinkaid’s client, not based on need but more so on the contributions to the marriage and disparity in income.

Opposing counsel argued alimony should only be based on need and that the husband earned a decent wage that was more than his living expenses. However, Ms. Kinkaid presented case law that evidenced the lower court was correct with the only difference being that of gender since her client is male.

“I think the case serves as a reminder that justice is actually blind to gender, as it should be,” Ms. Kinkaid said. “It should serve as a wake-up to men that asking for alimony should not be shameful or undignified. If the roles were reversed, your wife would ask for alimony and not blink at an award.”

If you are a man faced with divorce, don’t succumb to historically gender biased preconceived notions about what a male can be awarded in a divorce case. Contact a Cordell & Cordell divorce lawyer to discuss your options.


New Office in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Marks Firm’s 27th State

CC_HomeSlide_MAP 6-7-13Cordell & Cordell, the nation’s largest domestic litigation firm focusing on representing men in family law cases, has announced the opening of its first office in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Cordell & Cordell now has more than 150 attorneys working in 77 offices located in 27 states with the inaugural Iowa office scheduled to open Tuesday, July 2.

Perceptually, men are at a disadvantage in family courts, but Cordell & Cordell is expanding in an effort to support more men through the divorce process. The firm has established itself as a leader in family law devoted to equal rights for men facing divorce.

The new Council Bluffs office will broaden the opportunities for divorcing dads to gain information and counsel.

To schedule an appointment, please call 1.866.DADS.LAW or visit our Council Bluffs divorce lawyer page.

Cordells Donate $1M To Law School Alma Mater

washu-lawJoseph and Yvonne Cordell, co-founders of Cordell & Cordell, have generously made a gift commitment of $1 million to establish and endow the Cordell & Cordell Visiting Professorship at their law school alma mater, Washington University School of Law in St. Louis.

“Yvonne and I graduated from one of the best institutions in the nation, and we appreciate the outstanding legal education that has allowed us to do so much,” Mr. Cordell told Washington University Law Magazine. “We’ve been blessed with the means to support what has been important to us. The law school is high on that list.”

The gift will support an established legal scholar and teacher who demonstrates a commitment to adding a diverse voice to legal education, including one that represents a conservative and/or Libertarian viewpoint. The Cordells hope the visiting professorship also will attract a strong scholar and teacher who is committed to public service, pro bono work, and/or activities that support family values and the community.

The couple also sponsors the Joseph Cordell Family Scholar in Law at the law school. Mr. Cordell received his Master of Laws in 2008 and Mrs. Cordell received her Juris Doctor in 1988.

Read the full article on the Cordells, “Enhancing The Law School’s Success.”

Cordell & Cordell Custodial Interference Case Featured in Utah

fathers-rights-utahCordell & Cordell Utah attorney Jonathan Winn and his client Matthew Brown were interviewed on the epidemic of custodial interference in Utah, which has seen cases in the state nearly triple over the past 10 years, according to an investigative report by KSL News in Salt Lake City.

Utah law states that if a parent intentionally withholds a child from the other parent who is entitled visitation, they’ve committed a crime. But Mr. Brown, a Cordell & Cordell client who was the victim of custodial interference, told KSL News that he believes the law is rarely enforced against women.

“There’s nothing I’ve been through that’s harder than this,” he said.

Mr. Winn, who has been defending fathers’ rights in Utah for years, believes dads are the underdogs of the family court system.

“The many crimes that are out there, this is a crime against children which should be enforced by the courts,” Mr. Winn told KSL News.

Mr. Brown came to Cordell & Cordell with issues of receiving his parenting time. Due to the constant interference with custody, Mr. Winn filed a successful Petition to Modify Custody with Mr. Brown receiving full custody of his children, in addition to an award of attorney fees.

If you are a father dealing with custodial interference, contact a Cordell & Cordell fathers’ rights attorney today for helpful information and possible legal representation.

Click here to watch the full KSL News report.