Joseph CordellNBA star Dwyane Wade filed a custody modification requesting his ex-wife have her visitation rights suspended, though this type of request is rarely granted, Cordell & Cordell CEO Joseph Cordell told

Wade’s ex-wife, Siovaughn Funches-Wade, allegedly refused to return their two children to Wade during his scheduled visitation time on Father’s Day. She was arrested and faces criminal charges in addition to a loss of parenting time, but Cordell said Wade’s case is no slam dunk.

“Even a neglectful or possibly abusive parent may still have access to the children through supervised visits because it rarely is in the children’s best interests to cut off visitation completely with one parent,” Cordell said.

And Wade faces another typical issue in custody cases: “Historically, it has not worked in the favor of guys,” Cordell said. “It’s true there has been progress in the family law system overcoming its gender bias, though rarely is the playing field even.”

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