The Belleville News-Democrat took the launch of Cordell & Cordell’s new asset protection services as an opportunity to feature the country’s largest domestic litigation law firm.

With more than 20 years of service exclusively representing men in family law matter, Cordell & Cordell is looking to further assist guys going through divorce by offering affordable, effective asset protection.

Cordell told the newspaper that the move is a natural direction for the firm to take to further enhance its services.

“Then, we can help those and it gives us opportunities to become more involved with these guys’ lives in advance of litigation and have time to plan to eliminate or mitigate those threats,” Cordell said. “It greatly diminishes the risk.”

Belleville Divorce Lawyer Richard Coffee stressed the importance of proactively protecting your property.

“Unfortunately, legal planning is not one of the things people want to put on that list of things to do, unlike medical or financial planning, which has immediate benefits or some clear consequences,” Coffee told the newspaper. “Legal plans gets pushed aside until something comes up, and often it is too late to do something.”

The firm is currently only offering asset protection in the St. Louis market.

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