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Baltimore Bar Profiles Cordell & Cordell Lawyer Rebecca Ripley

rebecca ripley baltimore attorney

Baltimore attorney Rebecca Brannan Ripley was profiled in the Bar Association of Baltimore City’s publication “The Barrister” as part of its “Member in the Spotlight” series.

“I credit the Bar Association with providing opportunities to develop friendships, not just networks; to becoming part of a community, not just living in one; and to developing my skills as an attorney, not just padding my resume,” Ms. Ripley said.

Learn more about Ms. Ripley’s professional background and experience in addition to knowing how she has been able to work with accomplished actors, such as Ty Burrel and Judith Light.

Joseph Cordell on the Importance of Legal Custody

Joseph CordellWhen most prospective Cordell & Cordell clients come in for a consultation, they know what kind of physical custody they are looking to enjoy with their children. Many though do not realize that physical custody is not the only form of custody and that legal custody is also very important.

Cordell & Cordell co-founder Joseph Cordell explores the multiple meanings of custody in his latest Huffington Post column.

The significance of legal custody is that the non-custodial parent — which is the father 83% of the time — cannot be cut out of the decision-making process regarding any major issues involving the children.

In the absence of primary physical custody, joint legal custody becomes an important mechanism to prevent Mom from reducing Dad to a child support provider and occasional weekend babysitter.

Read Mr. Cordell’s full Huffington Post article, “The Multiple Meanings Of Custody.”

Joe Cordell Discusses NFL star Chad Johnson and Domestic Violence

Joseph CordellCordell & Cordell CEO Joseph Cordell appeared on 700 WLW radio in Cincinnati in a wide-ranging interview discussing divorce, staying in the marital home, and the recent incident involving NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson allegedly head-butting his newlywed wife.

Listen below to Mr. Cordell’s full interview with “The Big One” hosts Eddie and Tracy.

Joe Cordell Debates Men’s Rights On “Fox & Friends”

joe cordell fox and friendsCordell & Cordell CEO Joseph Cordell appeared on “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News channel to debate family law attorney Vikki Ziegler on why men need extra legal protection in divorce court.

“The overwhelming statistics show that the corner of room among civil rights causes in American that is neglected still is the rights of men in domestic relations cases,” Mr. Cordell told host Steve Doocy.

The mindset and attitudes of Cordell & Cordell attorneys regarding their acknowledgement of discrimination is what separates the firm’s lawyers from others, according to Mr. Cordell.

“It’s understandable that guys are going to be predisposed to hire attorneys who at least acknowledge these statistics, such as 97% of the alimony orders in American are issued against men,” Mr. Cordell said. “Doesn’t that smell of bias and discrimination? We should not tolerate discriminatory practices in family court against men.”

The full clip of the interview is available here or embedded below.