A New York woman is suing for almost $100,000 in unpaid child support almost 34 years after divorcing her former husband, according to the New York Post.

Although their three children have long since become adults, Frances Ragusa, 75, and her ex-husband Philip, 77, have been battling one another in matrimonial court since their 1977 divorce. Frances Ragusa, who lives in Tottenville, told the media outlet her former husband’s alleged failure to pay a $14,393 child support judgment at the time of their split has ballooned to, after interest, approximately $100,000.

Frances Ragusa said that at the time, she warned her husband she wouldn’t back down without a fight.

“I told him, ‘There is a legal judgment, and if you think I’m going to forget it, Phil, you’re stuck on stupid,’ ” she told the newspaper.

She said she called Philip recently for the first time in more than 30 years to try to finally put an end to their longtime legal drama. However, she said he did not say anything and soon hung up the phone.

In New York, the statute of limitation for child support payment expires 20 years from the time each installment is due, according to SupportGuidelines.com.

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