The West Virginia Supreme Court has announced plans to create a panel of judges, lawyers and other experts to study the need for spousal support guidelines and to outline a plan for the development of a law, if necessary, The Associated Press reported.

Chief Justice Margaret Workman announced her plan at the Fall Family Court Judicial Education Conference in Charleston, and noted that idea is to determine whether the state would need guidelines similar to those that are used for child support, according to the news outlet.

The panel would also decide whether these rules would help to reduce the financial and emotional costs of divorce. Workman noted that the current spousal support awards are inconsistent and unpredictable, and offers judges no guidance on the amount and length of payment, reported the AP.

According to the Charleston Daily Mail, Workman told the family court judges that she would announce the members of the commission in the near future and if the panel were to come up with guidelines, these could be pushed to the Supreme Court and possibly to the legislature.

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