August marks an important month in Solano County, California, as local agencies work to reach out to the public about the importance of child support, according to the Reporter.

This year’s Child Support Awareness Month is focusing on the investment benefits of paying child support.

“Child support is important because it supplements and stabilizes family income, increases self-sufficiency and encourages mothers and fathers to be involved in their children’s lives,” Pamela Posehn, director of the Solano County Department of Child Support Services, told the publication.

During the month-long program, the department will attend community events and run free lunchtime workshops to help showcase the child support services available to residents. The agency hopes to point to the positive sides of paying child support, pulling attention away from any perceived or potential pitfalls.

The department also wants parents to know that case information, account balances and other details can all be viewed online or accessed over the phone 24-hours-a-day. Payments can also be made online or on the phone.

According to the California Department of Child Support Services, alerts and other information online is also available in Spanish.

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