Plans to enshrine the concept that a child has a “meaningful relationship with both parents” into law are likely to be dropped, as the proposal was left out of a report on family justice by a government entity in England, according to The Daily Telegraph.

This type of action is not limited to the UK, as the rights of fathers around the world are often pushed aside in preference for the mother.

“Achieving shared parenting in those cases where it is safe to do so is a matter of raising parental awareness at the earliest opportunity. The welfare of children must always come before the rights of both parents,” David Norgrove, a former pensions regulator and civil servant, said in a report on family justice.

Several groups that favor a father’s rights in custody battles have spoken out against the report, as they argued that it is a crime for men to be denied access to their children, according to the Telegraph.

The Daily Mail reported that the “Norgrove Report” could undermine any progress that these father’s rights groups had made with David Cameron.

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