Divorce is a costly experience for both parties involved, but there are certain steps that can be taken to keep the financial toll to a minimum, according to Diana Mercer in a recent Huffington Post column.

By being organized, spouses can keep track of all financial records and take a lot of the mystery out of the money situation at hand. Keeping a notebook with labeled dividers is a great way to accomplish this. It is also helpful to have financial records organized by date.

During a divorce, finances may be tight, but it is important to still take time to recharge. Seeing a therapist, going out with friends or playing a round of golf can help keep the mind sharp.

Spouses sometimes try to wage emotional war during divorce proceedings, but it is important not to take the bait and get riled up. Ignoring these attacks can help keep the focus on the financial and legal situation at hand and streamline the process. Getting off track can mean more time and thus more money being spent.

However, New York Life warns that couples should not rush the process. Hurried decisions can lead to long-term consequences that could require more legal help.

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