The process of deciding who should retain custody of a child is a difficult one for all parties that are involved. Many times the man is given only partial visitation rights as a result of historic preference to the woman, a development that often brings more pain to the father.

Mothers accounted for the majority of custodial parents at a rate of 82.6 percent, according to the 2007 U.S. Census data.

It is because of this fact that fathers have to prepare for all possible scenarios. According to WXYZ 7 News Detroit, parents should contact a divorce attorney for both potential types of settlement, informal negotiations and out-of-court dispute resolution proceedings.

The news source reported that in cases where the issue isn’t solved in one of these meetings, the situation will end up in family court.

Though the court is supposed to decide the case based on the “best interests” of the child, historically many women are granted custody.

According to WXYZ 7, it may be best to lawyer up, try to reach an agreement and if the other spouse wants full custody, there are several factors including schooling, mental and physical health of the parents and age of the child that can be used to provide evidence for why a mother or father should be chosen.

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