A divorce rarely comes at a good time for either of the involved parties, but there are certain periods when a split can be better for the wallet of both individuals, according to Business Insider.

MSNBC previously reported that the poor state of the economy had deterred couples from splitting, due to the rising costs.

The time when a divorce occurs can either lead to a greater financial burden or may end up saving an individual a significant amount of money. There are several instances where a split may help reduce the total cost of the process, the news source reported.

Getting a divorce when the real estate market is doing well can help people get the most for their assets, an important thing to consider due to the potential for selling property. Divorcing when kids go to college may also help to eliminate some of the costs, as support payments will directly affect the children’s lives.

Another time where a divorce may be less costly is when an individual has less credit debt, as joint costs could affect the availability of money.

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