The parents of each spouse can easily become involved in the lives of the newlyweds, as a relationship may grow due to the amount of time that one spends with the couple. However, when they divorce, drama can occur.

Linda Lipshutz, a marriage and family therapist, wrote an article for the Huffington Post describing the potential damage that may occur if a parent tries to maintain a relationship with their child’s ex.

According to the article, a parent has to walk the fine line of deciding whether to maintain the bond with the ex-spouse of their child, especially if this will alienate the son or daughter of this individual.

Lipshutz noted that many parents feel a deep bond with their child’s ex, and have a hard time accepting that it is over, especially if they like the individual.

According to Divorce Community, a mother and father have to realize that the same things apply for the divorcees and the parents of these individuals, as the individuals who are involved in the split need to be treated with sensitivity.

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