Divorces have affected many families, and in some cases, more than one generation. However, some children of divorce struggling through their own marital problems as adults have vowed to make the experience different for their kids.

Brian Sibley and Rachael Brownell both watched their parents split around the age of 10. After experiencing the emotional effects of divorce first-hand, the couple vowed to spare their children from that pain when they agreed to end their own marriage after six years, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Sibley and Brownell are parents to a 4 year old and 7-year-old twins. When divorce was the only option, the pair explained to their children that they would still be a family, but that sometimes, families live apart.

The ex-spouses’ plan could have a positive effect on their kids in the long run. According to the publication, society commonly held that children of divorce were destined for poor grades, behavior problems and relationship issues later down the line. However, Christy Buchanan, a professor of psychology at Wake Forest University, told the news source that with careful planning and a sensitive approach, divorces don’t have to ruin a child’s life.

According to the University of Missouri, parents can best talk to their children about divorce by scheduling time to meet as a family, staying calm, planning what will be said ahead of time and setting aside time to meet again in the future.

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