Arnold Schwarzenegger is paying child support to his estranged wife, Maria Shriver, for the couple’s two minor children even though the two have not reached a financial agreement regarding their separation, RadarOnline reports.

Although neither Schwarzenegger or Shriver have officially filed for divorce, a source told the website that the former Governor of California has been paying Shriver a “significant” amount of child support. In addition, he has also been covering the expenses for sons Patrick and Christopher’s private school.

While Shriver herself is considerably wealthy – her mother was John F. Kennedy’s sister and she reportedly received a large inheritance following the death of her parents – under California law she is entitled to child support once either she or Schwarzenegger file for divorce. Lawyers for the couple are allegedly in the process of finalizing a divorce settlement.

Although some media outlets have reported that Schwarzenegger wanted to reconcile with Shriver following his shocking admission to fathering a child with the couple’s longtime housekeeper, Shriver has been photographed on multiple occasions without her wedding ring.

The couple has four children – Katherine, Patrick, Christina and Christopher. Schwarzenegger was photographed on Fathers Day with his youngest son, Christopher, although the rest of his children were not seen.

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