One of the most successful men in San Diego, California, was recently ordered to pay his ex-wife an exorbitant amount of money following their split, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The news source reported that Charles Brandes was ordered to pay his ex-wife $10 million to “equalize the division of community property” and an additional amount of $485,000 a month following the dissolution of their marriage.

This new development came on top of a preliminary settlement that was reached by the two individuals, which left Linda with five residences worth more than $40 million, an art collection valued at $7.3 million and $19 million in cash, according to the Union-Tribune.

The news source reported that Linda Brandes argued that she needed to increase her share of the assets, which was worth between $453 million and $597 million, by acquiring additional spousal support of $735,000 a month to maintain her “opulent lifestyle.”

Lawyers for Charles Brandes said that an appeal is likely due to the amount of the money that he earned that was given to his ex-wife, according to 10 News San Diego.

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