Shocking pictures of a two-year-old baby girl smoking a cigarette were recently seized by Romanian police as part of an investigation into the child’s mother’s conduct, according to the Austrian Times.

Elena Ursu, the young mother of the child, has been charged with child cruelty, after she uploaded a video of her child smoking and drinking coffee onto the internet. This action was met by the fury of her father, who lost custody of the girl in a long court battle, the news source reported.

Judges have temporarily awarded custody to the child’s father Gabriel, as local police are investigating the conduct and care that has been provided by the mother, according to the Times.

“I am very relieved. When I was allowed to visit her she was so desperate for a cigarette that she grabbed stubbed out butts and put them in her mouth. It was sick,” Gabriel told the news source. “Her mother was using the child to make me suffer. It was beyond cruelty.”

According to Independent Online, the video also shows the mother verbally encouraging the child to inhale the cigarettes and drink the coffee.

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