To protect assets during a divorce, individuals are encouraged to think like a CEO, according to Jen Weigel in a recent column for the Chicago Tribune.

The best way to do this is to assemble a team of experts that all have your best interests in mind and who can guide your decision process. Good members to have on your side include a mediator or divorce lawyer, a therapist and a financial adviser. In the end, the person getting divorced is running the ship, however.

For some people, putting together a team of experts is not financially feasible, particularly in the face of divorce, but other resources are available. Weigel suggests turning to a local library or support center to find free seminars.

Thinking like a CEO also means taking emotional attachment out of the equation, writes Weigel. People have been known to lose out financially if they are emotionally tied to certain things acquired during a marriage, like the home.

CBS News suggests that doing some prep work can also save money. Additionally, it is important to remember the specific duties of each member of your divorce team. A divorce lawyer is not there for financial advice, for example.

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