Legislation passed by the Ohio House would have an impact on child custody laws as it pertains to military members.

The Hudson Hub Times reports that Substitute House Bill 121 would prevent service members from losing child custody while they are deployed.

Representative Cliff Rosenberger, the main sponsor of the bill, said that he proposed the legislation after hearing from members of the military who lost child custody while serving their country.

“While our men and women are serving our nation, the last thing they should be concerned about is whether they’ll hear from their child,” he told the news source.

Specifically, the bill would bar courts from making permanent decisions about child custody orders already in place based only on the absence of a parent due to military service. Courts would still be able to issue temporary child custody orders in such cases.

There were 54.8 divorces per 100 marriages in Ohio in 2008, according to data from the Ohio Department of Health’s Center for Public Health Statistics and Informatics.

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