The California State Senate recently held a hearing on a bill that is designed to reduce the amount of alimony paid in divorce cases.

State Senator Rod Wright introduced Senate Bill 481 in February of this year and it has been making its way through the legislature over the past few months, according to the California Senate’s website.

Specifically, the bill would require courts to consider “the extent to which income for support was already capitalized and paid to the other spouse in the division of community property, in order to avoid double counting the income when the result would be inequitable,” when determining spousal support.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Wright says that the amendment to Section 4320 of the Family Code would prevent “double-dipping” in alimony cases and that the legislation would lead to lower alimony payments, which are typically made by men.

Wright has previously attempted to make divorce laws more fair to men. According to an article in the Bee in 2002, the Democrat was able to get legislative approval for a bill that would have allowed men in certain situations to contest child support orders if they have DNA evidence that they are not the child’s biological father.

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