A Pennsylvania man’s blog, which became a way to blow off steam after his divorce, has sparked a debate about free speech, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Anthony Morelli created a website in 2007 where he posted his often unfiltered feelings about his ex-wife. He only used acronyms and no names, but sometimes the descriptions on ThePsychoExWife.com could have been considered rather hurtful.

The site also became a forum for other divorced men struggling with the anger they felt for their exes after their relationships fell apart. However, when Morelli’s ex-wife found out about the website, it threw a wrench into an already brutal child custody battle and spurred a debate about the limits of free speech online.

After being ordered to take down the site and to refrain from mentioning his ex-wife or children online or through any other form of public media, Morelli was back in court arguing his rights.

Robert Richards, founder of the Pennsylvania Center for the First Amendment, said that the law is designed to protect speech, even if most people find it offensive.

A visit to Morelli’s site’s URL redirects visitors to SaveThePsychoExWife.com, where he is publicly documenting his fight for free speech.

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