A battle in Oklahoma’s family court system has raged regarding the repeal of the no-fault divorce laws that were enacted to try and limit the financial and emotional costs that would be incurred for all involved parties, according to the Tulsa Beacon.

Lawmakers are taking sides on the potential revamping of both the divorce statutes that exist in the state and the potential reorganization of the foster care system, the news source reported.

State Rep. Jason Nelson told the Beacon about the potential damage that can be caused due to the lack of no-fault splits in the state.

“Divorce scars children and leaves them emotionally disfigured,” said the lawmaker. “The current divorce laws are perverse and they are destroying children and our society.”

Chris Gregory, a resident who recently went through a nasty divorce, noted the emotional and financial burden that he went through during the difficult times.

MSNBC reported that the state of Oklahoma has one of the highest divorce rates in the country, making the laws for easing the process increasingly important.

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