Many athletes in the National Football League and the National Basketball Association may seek child support modification if their respective leagues experience a work stoppage.

Bloomberg News reports that many NFL and NBA players are trying to have their child support and alimony payments modified in the case that they see their incomes lowered.

Frank Brickowski, a former NBA player who is a regional director with the league’s Players Association, said that child support and alimony are issues that affect about 80 percent of the men in the league. Dealing with such issues during a potential work stoppage was covered in a lockout survival guide given to players, according to the news source.

Joseph Cordell, a prominent divorce attorney, said that men who see their incomes drop would need to file for child support and alimony modification.

“Men in the NFL are in a risky industry, which makes it difficult to afford their child support or alimony payments,” Cordell said. “To ensure they don’t fall behind they have to file for a modification.”

The NFL will resume talks with its players regarding the lockout on June 7, according to BusinessWeek.

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