Though many fathers will have child custody rights taken away after one incident or simply allegations of poor parenting, women can receive several chances. This can sometimes have disastrous consequences.

Kimberly Lightsey has a history of abuse arrests and in September 2010 she was arrested due to allegations of her striking her child in the face with a belt. The judge withheld a guilty conviction in the case and she received four years of probation, according to the Lakeland Ledger.

She was able to regain custody of her children after completing a plan through the state court system, and despite the nature of the arrest, was awarded full parental rights, the news source reported.

After she was given child custody rights, Lightsey was arrested again following an incident where police found her children alone in a hotel room. Police wondered how she was given custody and alleged that it was the second time in less than a day that the kids were left on their own, according to WTSP 10 Winter Haven.

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