The difficult process of divorce and the developments that arise from the split are not confined to the U.S. In countries around the world there are men who have suffered from unfair rules and harsh legislation.

An Australian woman was ordered to repay child support to a man who she claimed was her son’s father. The male only found out that he was not the parent of the individual when he discovered that he was unable to conceive, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The man believed that the child was his after what he alleges was a “one-night stand” nine years ago. He told the court that he believed that the mother had manipulated the situation and knew that he was not the father, the news source reported.

According to the Telegraph, the woman finally recalled another encounter with a different man during the period of conception, a fact that was only presented after the man who thought he was the father had paid for nine years of child support.

The divorce rate in Australia is currently 40 percent, a lower number than that in the U.S., according to Divorce Rate.

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