The Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee recently took up legislation that supporters note may change the institution of marriage in the state, MLive reported.

According to the news source, the Senate panel introduced legislation that would extend the waiting period to get married from three to 28 days if the applicants do not complete a premarital education class.

“This is definitely crossing a line of what government should be involved in,” Shelly Weisberg, of the ACLU Michigan, told MLive. “Who’s to say what makes a good marriage for two people?”

Along with the legislation that extends the waiting period, a bill was introduced that makes it harder for individuals in the state to get divorced. Couples would have to complete a questionnaire and an ominous-sounding “divorce effects” program before dissolving the union if they have kids, according to the news source.

The Michigan Messenger reported that this allegedly conservative committee was trying to pass the legislation in an effort to deter people from getting divorced.

“We are a pro-divorce society,” James Sheridan, a judge on the committee, told MLive. “We need to be a pro-marriage society.”

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