A Michigan man is awaiting the outcome of legislation in the state that would help him get to see his five-year-old daughter.

The Flint Journal reports that a Michigan law from 1956 assumes that a child’s father is the man married to the woman at the time of birth. This law has prevented Daniel Quinn from seeing the daughter he had with Candace Beckwith.

According to the news source, Quinn and Beckwith had a child while the latter was separated from her husband. Beckwith and her husband got back together and then moved to Kentucky, restricting Quinn’s time with the child, who he raised for the first two-and-a-half years of her life.

The package of bills made it through a state senate committee and now waits for action from the full House and Senate.

State Sen. John Gleason said that the bill would give parents a chance to be a part of their child’s lives.

“We want for him and others in the future that they will have the ability to share their lives with their children,” he told the news source.

Daniel told NBC 25 that at least 13 other states have similar laws to the one he is attempting to overturn in Michigan.

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