Frank and Jamie McCourt, the very public couple going through a divorce in Los Angeles and the owners of the financially-challenged Dodgers of Major League Baseball, are going through a recent blowout over MLB and commissioner Bud Selig.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jamie McCourt has accused her ex-husband of failing to honor his court-ordered spousal support payments. She claims that he would rather continue his “jihad” against the MLB.

Frank McCourt recently asked the court to reduce his spousal support payments claiming they exceeded his income of $5 million. His ex-wife’s divorce attorney argues, however, that he has access to at least $70 million in assets.

The couple’s financial situation in the divorce was made more complicated when the Dodgers were forced to file for bankruptcy. The L.A. Times reports that including the Dodgers, Frank McCourt’s assets are worth approximately $900 million, while Jamie McCourt’s assets are worth $39 million.

CBS Los Angeles reports that Frank McCourt is trying to bring Selig into the argument, stating that Selig has taken more money out of professional baseball than McCourt.

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