Massachusetts State Sen. Patricia Jehlen (D-Somerville) announced her support of the recent Alimony Bill that was passed by Gov. Deval Patrick and the state legislature, according to the Winchester Patch.

The bill was signed on Sept. 26, and Jehlen noted that the legislation was the first comprehensive modernization of the state’s alimony law in more than 20 years. She also spoke to the positive effect that it would have on Massachusetts families.

“This important piece of legislation reforms an antiquated and often unfair system,” Jehlen said in a statement. “I have heard too many stories of families hurt by the alimony system. This balanced approach takes account of changes in society and the workplace in order to make the alimony system fairer for all.”

Part of the legislation created a system where alimony will be adjusted for the length of each individual marriage. Another development was the notion that payments will end for spouses when they are of retirement age or when the other person is living with another romantic partner, according to ABC News.

The news source reported that the ruling came after several years of attempts by the 2nd Wives Club, which wanted to limit payments that they considered excessive to former spouses.

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