A divorce can be a complicated minefield of emotional and financial issues, and it is important to seek support from those around you. While family and friends can offer a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand, spouses going through a divorce should look to experts when it comes to the financial aspect of the separation.

According to Forbes contributor Jeff Landers, these tidbits of advice can be detrimental if they regard finances. Sticking exclusively to words of wisdom from others can be dangerous, because every divorce is different, and legal experts and divorce lawyers are trained to know this realm best.

“Each case needs personalized attention and, given the complexities of today’s divorce and finance laws, each one requires much more than an assortment of free tips and casual recommendations,” writes Landers.

Another issue to be wary of is information from non-divorce professionals. For example, while CPAs may be experts in accounting, they may not be able to advise separating spouses on divorce-specific financial concerns.

According to the Oregonian, choosing a financial adviser should be a similar process to selecting a doctor. Considering specific needs, learning a professional’s credentials and specialties and understanding goals can lead to the best results.

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