Kelsey Grammer and ex-wife Camille have come to a temporary agreement in their child custody dispute, according to a prominent celebrity news website.

Although the source does not specify who will get primary custody of their two children – Mason, 9, and Jude, 6, – the agreement will reportedly allow Camille Grammer to have custody of both kids more often. It will also accommodate Kelsey Grammer’s work schedule so he also has time with his son and daughter.

Sources say the former couple still have not settled multiple issues in their ongoing divorce case, such as monetary allocations and who will have permanent custody of the children.

The children will not be separated, the source reports. Earlier this year, Kelsey Grammer’s divorce attorney reportedly suggested a child custody arrangement that would have split up the children so Kelsey had custody of Mason, while Camille would have custody of Jude. Camille Grammer did not agree to those terms.

The former couple have been in a heated divorce lawsuit since Kelsey Grammer announced he was leaving Camille for Kayte Walsh, 29, a former Virgin Airlines flight attendant. The two were married in February in a New York City ceremony.

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