David Dutcher tried online dating following his divorce in 2008. He was trying to recover from the difficult split when he became entangled in an alleged entrapment scheme, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Dutcher was allegedly duped by a detective agency that involved former police officer Christopher Butler.

Butler was the head of a detective agency that was allegedly responsible for the arrangement of drunk driving traps for men at the the behest of their ex-wives and their divorce lawyers, according to the Times.

The men were allegedly trapped through either a woman feeding them alcohol and then persuading them to drive, an agency-run brothel or a narcotics sting. The news source reported that the crimes may have implicated three different law enforcement agencies.

“I hope in some small way this information will help you recoup both rights and dignities lost in one of the most deplorable legal practices I have ever heard of,” Contra Costa County Senior Deputy District Attorney Harold W. Jewett wrote in a letter to Dutcher.

California Coast News reported that prosecutors eventually dismissed charges in 20 DUI and vice crime cases due to the allegations and involvement of authorities.

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