As the newest columnist for the Huffington Post, Cordell & Cordell co-founder Joseph Cordell writes about the unfair uphill battle men and fathers must face in family courts around the nation.

The law is supposed to protect us and treat everyone equally, Cordell writes, yet family law seems to ignore this, thus causing fathers and men to spend more time, money, and effort just to try to get to a level playing field in a family law courtroom.

“In family law, more than any other area of the law, judges have a huge amount of discretion allowing ample opportunity for biases that we all as human beings have,” Cordell writes. “One purpose of the law is to protect us from those leanings of individual judges, but once you give a judge such a wide range of discretion and decision-making then it invites that sort of bias.”

Of course, historically, the bias has worked against men. Cordell does admit there has been progress in the family law system overcoming its gender bias.

“But in order to be truly fair to both parties, courts need to be completely gender blind, which is simply not the case,” he writes.

Read the full Huffington Post article “Is The Playing Field Level For Men In The Family Court System?

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