A divorce can have a significant impact on all involved parties, as the former husband and wife are not the only ones who can be affected by this split. Children can suffer as a result of the termination of marriage for their parents.

According to an article submitted to the Abilene Reporter News, children can often get caught in the middle of a divorce and may be affected by the breakdown of their parent’s relationship.

The news source reported that parents need to maintain civility in dealing with each other after a split, regardless of their new feelings, as a way of keeping children in a mentally stable state.

“Divorce is a loss for a child, much like a death is,” Aimee Colley, director of Club Courage, told the news source. “I would say the top indicator for telling if children will adjust is parental adjustment.”

Club Courage is an affiliate of Hendrick Hospice Care and provides children with a support group when dealing with the process in order to help them share their experience with kids in the same situation, according to the organization’s website.

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