Though many people experience the divorce of their parents at a younger age, some individuals are older and go through a completely different process than children who have to deal with a split. The University Daily Kansan noted that older children are often given a more blunt explanation as to what occurred, as parents tend to coddle college students less than kids of a younger age.

Megan Watson, a 21-year-old student, told the news source that she was given the news in a different manner than what happened with her friends when they were younger.

“There wasn’t any sugarcoating what was going on,” she told the Kansan. “There definitely was no, ‘mommy and daddy will still be here and love you,’ like you might expect with a child.”

The Greater San Marcos Youth Council noted that children in development stages will often react in a more outspoken fashion due to their lack of understanding of the situation. Older children can adjust because they see the problem through the eyes of an adult.

“The interesting thing about me being older when this happened is that I’ve formed my own opinion and have seen both sides for myself,” Watson told the Kansan.

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