The ex-husband of country music star Sara Evans has filed a complaint against Williamson County Judge James G. Martin III due to his alleged actions during the divorce proceedings of Craig Schelske, according to The Tennessean.

A complaint against the judge was filed by Schelske following the divorce proceedings that Martin was the administrator for. The news source reported that the ex-husband was found guilty of six counts of civil contempt, charges that are denied by the defendant due to alleged bias by the judge.

According to The Associated Press, the complaint has been received by Martin and he is preparing a statement in defense of his actions. Schelske claimed that the judge had violated his First Amendment speech rights due to the issuance of a gag order.

Schelske has also filed suit against the attorney that had been hired by his former wife, as he noted that the individual dealt with a case in an unfair manner, reported the news outlet.

The ex-husband has claimed that the attorney had defamed him in several publications during and after the trial, according to The Tennessean.

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