A divorcee has won her battle against her ex-husband, as she was able to hold on to a multi-million pound settlement, despite having contributed nothing to their shared wealth, according to the Daily Mail.

Jennifer Grubb was awarded a multi-million pound country house set in 40 acres of parkland, more than 75,000 pounds per year in child maintenance payments and a lump sum of several million pounds following a decision that was given by a High Court judge, the news source reported.

Her husband, Anthony Watkins Grubb, challenged the ruling at the Court of Appeal, claiming that he had allegedly contributed 100 percent of the money to their fortune, due mostly to the family assets that he had inherited and increased through investing, the Daily Mail reported.

The Telegraph reported that she took issue with this claim by Anthony, as she claimed that although she contributed no physical earnings, she was allegedly a virtuous wife and had been an emotional support for the family due to the fact that he was busy with business.

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