The owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers has reportedly informed Major League Baseball that he will be able to make payroll at the end of the month.

Major League Baseball seized control of the team in April because of alleged financial issues with the team. Frank McCourt and his wife, Jamie, who was once an executive for the club, are going through a divorce, which has muddled the finances of the Dodgers.

The league said that McCourt would not be able to make payroll at the end of May, but reports that McCourt said he can. The Los Angeles Times reports that he needs about $9.8 million to do so.

The divorce case between the McCourts is reportedly one of the biggest asset division cases in America’s history.

L.A. District Court Judge Scott Gordon, who is overseeing the divorce case, is reportedly trying to determine whether the ownership of the club was a joint venture. If he does, the team will need to be split 50-50 because of California’s community property laws, reports

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