A judge in Illinois ordered a DNA test regarding a boy involved in a child support challenge. The Madison St. Clair Record reports that Gerald Krug has filed a lawsuit seeking reimbursement for child support that must be paid for a child that he believes is not his. Madison County Associate Judge Dean Sweet ordered the DNA test to get to the bottom of the issue.

Krug filed the lawsuit against Anita Dawn Bogle and David Lofink. Bogle and Krug were married in 1984, divorced in 1993, remarried in 1994 and divorced again in 1999. Throughout the couple’s history, Krug allegedly believed that the sexual relationship between them was monogamous, even when they were no longer married.

After their second divorce, the court ordered Krug to pay child support for the couple’s three children. However, in December 2007, Krug claims that Bogle told him he was not the father of the third child and that the father was actually Lofink. Despite the claims, Krug argues that Bogle has refused a court-approved DNA test.

The test ordered by Judge Sweet will be paid for by Krug.

According to the Reporter of Vacaville, California, paternity tests can not only make child support payments more clear, but the tests give the children needed information.

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