A new study shows that there may be a connection between divorce rates and government assistance such as food stamps and welfare, the Huffington Post reports.

Dr. David Schramm of the University of Missouri conducted a study that found that couples in the same income bracket who receive government assistance are more likely to experience lower rates of marital satisfaction and are more likely to divorce, have negative interactions with their spouses or feel trapped in their relationships.

For the study, Schramm surveyed nearly 300 couples, 64 of whom received government assistance. Of those, the couples earning less than $20,000 and receiving some form of government financial help experienced the lowest rates of martial bliss.

“Economic hardship, the feeling of strain and tension associated with money issues, tends to be a driver for other stressors,” Schramm explained in a university press release.

Schramm said he was surprised to find, however, that couples that made $20,000 or less but did not receive help from the government had a much higher satisfaction level in their marriages, according to the news source.

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