A new trend is catching on among recent divorcees, as these individuals are holding break-up parties to celebrate the end of their marriage, according to CBS Los Angeles.

While some people may find this practice odd, many recent divorcees note that the celebration serves as a way to acknowledge the past but move on to the new life that will await post-divorce, the news source reported.

One News Now reported that the increasingly popular ritual is becoming a trend because of the horrific nature of many divorces, and this is a celebration of the process finally coming to a close.

“I think human beings need rituals. We need ceremonies to mark things,” Christine Gallagher, a divorce party planner, told CBS Los Angeles. “Divorce is tough. It really is a hard time and the idea of a divorce party is to have an event to have your family and friends come around and help you through this really difficult time.”

According to the news source, although some parties are over-the-top and extravagant, most gatherings are made up of a small circle of friends and family and act as an organized support group.

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