In an age where people get insurance for almost any event that could influence their lives, divorce is not exempt from this trend.

According to the Huffington Post, there are a variety of companies that provide divorce insurance to individuals. Several of these businesses even provide a calculator to pinpoint the likelihood that a marriage will end, an “exact” science for any newlywed who is concerned.

If individuals are worried that their marriage is not going to last, a prenuptial agreement that is prepared by a divorce attorney may help to prevent future anguish and ease the process in the unfortunate event that it occurs.

The Wall Street Journal reported that these companies will often provide only $1,250 in coverage for the divorce process, and the payments, which can amount to $16.00 a month, may eliminate any gain in the situation. This insurance is also not feasible due to the fact that a marriage must last four years if someone were to be eligible for the premiums.

“It’s just throwing money into a black hole,” a divorce lawyer told the Journal about the likelihood that this insurance will actually help individuals.

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