Actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar, of “Saved by the Bell” fame, is making headlines recently after announcing his engagement just three months after finalizing his divorce from another woman.

Gosselaar divorced Lisa Ann Russell after 14 years of marriage, and the split became official in May. In August, he proposed to Catriona McGinn after dating for six months.

The TV icon’s relationship drama has prompted many people to wonder exactly how soon is too soon to get remarried after a divorce. According to the Los Angeles Times, Gosselaar couldn’t wait to propose to his new love, but that path might not be right for everyone.

The Wedding Channel advises that individuals sit down and ask many important questions of themselves before getting remarried. It is important to understand what exactly is motivating someone to get remarried. Considering how this relationship will affect any children from a previous relationship is another integral step.

Individuals should also consider whether they have given themselves enough time to heal after the previous relationship. Even if one is confident in the feelings for someone else, it is never a good idea to rush.

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