Dating after a divorce can be a scary prospect, particularly if you’ve been out of the game for a while. But according to post-divorce consultant Lee Block in a recent Huffington Post column, just when and how a person re-enters the dating pool varies depending on the individual.

One way to know that you’re ready to date again is that you don’t harbor fresh anger about your divorce. This could lead you to talk incessantly about your ex throughout a date, which can be a big turn-off for potential mates.

“It is important that the anger and bitterness has evaporated enough that you can enjoy yourself and be open to the new experiences of dating,” Block writes.

The post-divorce expert also advises that when you enter the dating scene once again, avoid playing games. If you like someone, call them or text to make a second date.

Additionally, dating decisions after a divorce should involve the children if the dissolved marriage resulted in offspring. It is important not to have your children feel as though a number of suitors are coming in and out of your life.

According to Psychology Today, successful dating after a divorce can be achieved with some patience, supportive friends and, perhaps most importantly, a healthy level of self-esteem.

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