Danny Dimm fought for five years to be part of his son’s life following a separation from his wife, and after finally getting custody, he died in a tragic logging accident, according to the Pioneer Press.

The news source reported that after Dimm fought his former wife for custody of his son for five years in the U.S. and Canada, a court in British Columbia finally granted him sole guardianship in July 2011.

He was given his five-year-old boy following an incident where his former spouse vanished with their son instead of allowing the four-month court-ordered visit that he was entitled to.

Bartell Dimm, the mother of the boy, ran away with the child in July, and wasn’t found until August, upon which she was promptly jailed. Ownership of his son was granted to Danny prior to when they discovered the mother hiding with their kid, according to the Press.

The unfortunate accident that claimed the life of Danny occurred less than two months after they were reunited for good, and after Bartell had delayed the meeting of the father and son more than a year and a half, according to The Globe and Mail.

“He was always focused on what was best for his son,” Danny Dimm’s lawyer told the news source. “He wanted his child safe, he wanted to give his child a normal upbringing.”

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