For many couples, infidelity is grounds for divorce. However, some relationships can survive these betrayals of trust and according to Wendy Strgar of the Huffington Post, some marriages are actually made stronger.

Strgar acknowledges that infidelities can be devastating.

“The betrayal cuts deep and shreds not only the trust between the couple, but often the ability to trust one’s own judgment and the agreements that we believed defined our lives,” she wrote.

However, affairs can also serve as a wake-up call. As couples recover from an exposed infidelity and decide what the next steps for their relationships will be, adults must make room for honest conversations – which may not have been part of the relationship beforehand.

“The recovery process is rich with the opportunity to really see aspects of your partner and depths in your relationship of which you were probably unaware,” Strgar explained.

According to the blog How to Survive Infidelity in Marriage, many steps can be taken to help couples survive an affair. For one, asking questions can often be an emotional yet necessary fact-finding mission. Finding comfort from a friend can also be beneficial for a jilted spouse, as conversing with this trusted confidant can help an adult truly sort out feelings relating to the affair and the future of the marriage.

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