Jason Hopper Wall Street JournalWhen looking for analysis of the latest divorce trends and movements in the industry, the Wall Street Journal turns to Cordell & Cordell.

Once again the prestigious newspaper has called upon a Cordell & Cordell divorce lawyer to provide insight into an important, emerging legal field; this time it’s frozen embryos.

As Indianapolis Divorce Lawyer Jason Hopper explained to the Wall Street Journal, there is a new battle in divorce cases over who controls the rights to frozen embryos after a couple breaks up.

As in vitro fertility treatments – in which an egg and sperm are joined outside the body – become more common, so have post-disputes over the embryos.

Mr. Hopper described how he was able to reach an out-of-court agreement over preserved embryos on behalf of his client who didn’t want his ex-wife to use them. For now the embryos will stay frozen and Hopper’s negotiated settlement exposes the fertility clinic to legal liability if they are used without the man’s consent.

The article is for subscribers only, but there is a video about the article that can be viewed by non-subscribers.

The Wall Street Journal’s interest in reporting Mr. Hopper’s insight into this cutting edge issue is indicative of the respect earned by the Cordell & Cordell law firm and its skilled divorce lawyers. With more than 20 years experience representing men’s interests in divorce and domestic litigation matters, Cordell & Cordell continually proves it is a partner men can count on.

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