Connecticut collected more than $300 million in child support payments in fiscal year 2011, ending June 30, the Hartford Courant reports.

The payments were collected voluntarily from non-custodial parents as well as through garnished wages, contempt proceedings, tax refunds, unemployment benefits and other methods, such as drivers’, professional or occupation license suspension, the office of Attorney General George Jepsen told the news source. Nearly 9,000 cases were collected for, while another 15,000 are still pending.

The office said it was pleased to work on behalf of Connecticut’s children by collecting $250 million that went directly to families, $40 million to reimburse the state for public assistance benefits and $50 million for custodial parents outside of the state.

According to Connecticut’s Judicial Branch, courts work to make fair and consistent child support arrangements through the Connecticut Child Support and Arrearage Guidelines, a mathematical formula that uses the combined income of the mother and father as well as the number of children involved.

Child support payments can change, however, as the financial circumstances of the custodial and non-custodial parents evolve.

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