A lot of excitement, anxiety and perhaps dread face children as they head back to school in the fall. However, children whose parents have just gone through a divorce over the summer can face other challenges when returning to school. According to Erin Mantz, a Huffington Post contributor, it is important for recently divorced parents to talk to the child’s teacher.

Parents must balance the right amount of information to share with a teacher because of the sensitive family matters involved. With too much information shared, parents may worry that their children’s teachers might peg the kids as a potential problem because they now come from a broken home. However, just enough information can allow the teachers to keep an eye out for sad moods or erratic behavior.

According to the University of Missouri, teachers can better support divorced parents and their children by creating a welcoming atmosphere in the classroom for all types of parents. The atmosphere should also include involvement by all adults that play an important role in a student’s life. It is also important for teachers to communicate with both parents so no messages are lost and one parent doesn’t feel forgotten.

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