Child support payments may be hurting individuals due to the amount of money that they are forced to pay, especially during a time when the economy is down and costs to maintain a family are rising.

According to the Boston Herald, child support payments are usually modifiable, if the process for lowering the amount of money is pursued in the correct manner.

The newspaper reported that one of the ways that parents may be hit harder by the amount of money they pay is because of health insurance costs. Modifications to the separation agreement can likely be made on these grounds.

According to the Herald, the court can retroactively modify child support back to the date on which the spouse is served with the summons, and if the parent contesting the money amount is able to make a case based on insurance costs, the payment can be reduced.

This problem may affect men more than women, as mothers accounted for the majority, 82.2 percent, of custodial parents, while fathers represented only 17.8 percent in 2009, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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