Legislation that was proposed by a San Tan Valley, Arizona, father to let airport security and other agencies access a national database of children abducted by a parent is gaining momentum, according to the East Valley Tribune.

The legislation, which would be called “Emily’s Law” if passed, is aimed at preventing parents from taking a child out of the U.S. in violation of custody arrangements. This would also allow wider access to information on abducted children through a database that is similar to the one provided by the National Crime Information Center, the news source reported.

Michael Sanchez, the leader of the effort, started the movement following a bitter child custody battle that he was part of following his child’s mother leaving the country with his daughter. He told the news source of his optimism concerning the law.

“I think it’s progressing pretty good,” Sanchez said about the law. “Within the last couple of months, it looks like people think it’s a really good idea. We know that it’s not going to happen overnight, but it’s moving forward.”

According to the website for the law, the legislation could affect more than 150,000 children.

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